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38 Monmouth Street

Main 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Completion of new bathroom with new shower, vanity, flooring and linings JDBuilders


Hampden is a small town, situated in North Otago, approximately thirty five kilometres south of Oamaru. It’s name derives from the English politician John Hampden by an early surveyor W.B.D. Mantell.

This tenanted house in Hampden was in serious need of an upgrade.

The shower had been leaking for several years, not only in the shower but also in the wall frame behind.

This resulted in the framing and flooring rotting, this was not fully appreciated until we started demoing the bathroom. It was at this point we finally saw the full extent of the damage.

Scope of works:

* Remove existing shower, vanity, storage unit, wall & ceiling linings, floor covering, flooring & any rotten sub-floor framing.

* Replace sub-floor framing as required. Install new plywood flooring.

* Install new vanity & shower. Supply front wall fixtures per the provided ‘Bathroom Selections’ sheet.

* Reinstate the existing storage unit in a similar position. (if required)

* Provisional sum for stopping, vinyl floor covering, and electrical work, which includes new lighting, extraction fan & heater.

* An amount was allocated for decorating and plumbing,  based on only changing the location of the shower mixer to an external wall and vanity in the same position.

* Move the fridge to allow a cut in the floor approx. 1m x 1m to allow access to replace rotten bearer in the bathroom then extends slightly into the kitchen area.

* Allow for new plywood flooring where the hole was created. No allowance for any

new vinyl in the kitchen. Install 6 x fish plate stud repairs fixed to the existing studs.

* Replace the bottom plate on the external walls of the bathroom. Remove 4 x rotten

weatherboards from the inside & allow to repair with plywood.

* Allow to dig a trench that is approx 400mm wide and extends 1.2m from the corner of the house where the bathroom is located. Allowed for repairs to the rotten door frame.


The tenants who had rented here for seven years, were ecstatic with their new bathroom.

When landlords renovate their properties, it not only improves tenant satisfaction but also enhances property value, allowing for higher rental rates.

Jeffrey Dennison Builders specialize in transforming tired rental properties into remarkable spaces. Call Jeff at 027 354 1754 to explore budget-friendly options that maximize results.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Dennison Builders

0 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Original bathroom before renovation JDBuilders
1 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Close up of old shower, before renovation JDBuilders
2 38 Monmouth St, Hampden demo of old shower JDBuilders
3 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Continued demolition of shower JDBuilders
4 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Original leaking shower removed JDBuilders
5 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Bathroom floor removed showing extent of the water damage JDBuilders
6 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Old wall linings removed in the bathroom JDBuilders
7 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Close of the damage floor in the bathroom JDBuilders
8 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Installing new bearer in the bathroom to support the flooring JDBuilders
9 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Fixing the insulation in the bathroom ceiling JDBuilders
10 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Exploratory hole in the kitchen floor JDBuilders
11 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Inspecton hole in the kitchen to view damaged bearer JDBuilders
12 38 Monmouth St, Hampden Fixing the framing for the wall JDBuilders
13 38 Monmouth St, Hampden New gib installed for the walls and ceiling along with flooring JDBuilders