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Heritage Barn

Main Heritage Barn Dunback Front view of the newly constructed barn JDBuilders


Our client contacted us to construct a traditional Heritage barn

(three-bay-kit-set) which they had already purchased but didn’t have the time to erect the structure due to their busy workload.

Scope of the Project:

We met with the client and visited their site to enable us to conduct a thorough and detailed quote for the job. The clients were very happy with our streamlined process of building schedules and tracking software to manage the project along with the flexibility of payments.

They gladly accepted the quote, and we began work to erect the three-bay barn shortly thereafter as per their requirements.


Our clients are extremely happy with the final result and the completion of the three-bay shed which is serving the purpose which was intended and helping improve the productivity of their business.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Dennison Builders

15 Heritage barn Dunback Initial steel framing for the barn structure being erected JDBuilders
14 Heritage barn Dunback Another view of the steel frame being erected for the barn lookingover to the old house in the background JDBuilders
13 Heritage barn Dunback Close up of the steel frame being built with cattle yards and tractor in the background JDBuilders
12 Heritage barn Dunback steel frame for new barn almost finished being constructed JDBuilders
11 Heritage barn Dunback Different view showing steel framing for walls and roof almost completed with old house and work car in the background JDBuilders
10 Heritage barn Dunback Side on view of the almost completed steel frame work having been erected for the barn with scaffolding in the foreground JDBuilders
9 Heritage barn Dunback Close up of steel framework for the barn where the main door for farm vehicles is to go JDBuilders
8 Heritage barn Dunback End of the barn with new cladding being in stalled on the steel fram structure JDBuilders
7 Heritage barn Dunback Looking through the steel structure to the completed cladding on the end of the barn JDBuilders
6 Heritage barn Dunback view from the rear showing completion of cladding JDBuilders
5 Heritage barn Dunback Cladding of builder completed JDBuilders
4 Heritage barn Dunback Interior view of the barn looking up at the skylights JDBuilders
3 Heritage barn Dunback Another view of the interior of the newly constructed three bay barn JDBuilders
2 Heritage barn Dunback Side view of the newly built three bay shed JDBuilders