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Moeraki Batch Restoration


This batch in the Kaika in Moeraki was purchased by its new owners with a vision of changing it into a more user friendly family orientated holiday crib.

The condition of the building was sound but needed a lot of cosmetical work carried out to make the vision a reality.

The owner contacted us to remove the old windows from the front of the building to replace them with two new aluminium windows and a ranch slider onto a small landing deck with stairs down onto the front lawn. The inside of the rooms had to be relined with new architraves and skirting’s installed.

All the old nails used for fixing the corrugated roof down were showing signs of rust as they would after a period of time beside the sea. These were also removed and replaced with class 5 screws to ensure the longevity of the roof.

Now after an exterior fresh coat of paint and a cosmetic makeover inside the dwelling  is a comfortable holiday retreat for our clients to enjoy.