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Palmerston is proud to be a vibrant country town thriving in a rural community on the east coast of Otago. The town offers all the advantages of rural living without any of the disadvantages of remoteness, or the difficulties found in city lifestyles. Situated on the junction of two main highways, it enjoys easy access to Dunedin, Oamaru, and the Maniototo and Central Otago. Travel is 40 min. to 45 min. to Dunedin or Oamaru.

Land is very affordable and sections can be purchased for a fraction of city prices. The town boasts a high school, a primary school, preschool facilities, a brand new health centre, a pharmacy, a dental surgery, St John Ambulance depot, police station, volunteer fire brigade, churches, a variety of shops and businesses, a wide range of clubs and societies, a radio station, a vet clinic, cafés, and accommodation options. There is a residential facility, Kimberley, for rest home care. Palmerston is proud of its “state of the art” water supply.

Why wrestle with big city problems when you could enjoy a relaxed and fulfilling life in Palmerston? People here have the time to be friendly and accommodating, and there are plenty of opportunities to develop skills and hobbies. Keen on gardening? Several microclimates in the area allow for gardens overflowing with flowers, fruit, and vegetables.

The area has many activities to offer, including fishing, golf, cycling, heritage trails, walking tracks, beach walks, and wildlife viewing.

Palmerston’s iconic hill, Puketapu, overlooks the town. A walk requiring a medium level of fitness will take you to the cairn on the summit and will provide amazing views of the coast and the Shag Valley.

Employment opportunities may be provided through agriculture, forestry, and the Oceana Gold mine and ancillary industries sited at Macraes, 20 min. from Palmerston.

If you are looking for an affordable lifestyle in a community that provides many opportunities, then we suggest you consider Palmerston, Otago, as a place to build your new home and plan a contented future.

You have found the perfect place to live, now build the perfect home. Call me to discuss and to get an estimate.


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