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430 Thousand Acre Road

This job involved installing two new sliding doors into an older style house. One of the sliding doors was put where an existing window had been. The other slider was put into a separate wall where there were no pre existing windows or doors. Once we had the hole cut out we noticed there was a lot of rot in the weather boards and the framing timber itself so the decision was made to renew both the framing and the weather boards. Once that was done the second slider was installed and both doors received facings on the outside and architrave on the inside. On this job there was also an internal wall removed this required one additional pile and a beam to be put in the ceiling space. When it was inspected by the council it was deemed not up to code so to add more BU we replaced one wall in a connecting hallway with a brace line Gib system.

157 Irvine Road

On this job we did a small addition to an existing house and replaced one existing window with a bigger double glazed window. The addition was 3m x 3m with a Skillion roof joining into the original roof. It had one sliding door in it and a window. Exterior was rough cast so it built with hardy’s cement backed over a cavity system.

Roof in Palmerston

Re roof of a house in Palmerston for a client. Pretty straight forward one gable end of the house and the other a hip roof. One side had a number of penetrations including a HRV system and two old roughcast chimneys. The chimneys were fitted with all the appropriate flashings and then had one larger one coming from down under the capping to below the flashing for maximum effect.

Stewart Street Waikouaiti

Bathroom renovation that including ripping out and re installing new bath, shower and vanity. A couple of repairs were done to the gib linings in preparation for new paint and tiles. A fan system was also retro fitted and hooked up. Accessories like a heated towel rail and a mirror were also installed.

Te Karita Road Moeraki

Over the past year we have built two small kit set sheds for a client. The smaller of the two being used as a wood shed and the larger one being used as a garden shed. We also have done a number of small joinery jobs inside of the clients home mainly for more storage.